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Royal Farms puts the Professional into the horse business.

Royal Farms is a new private facility focusing on breeding, advanced training, and an environment where animals are number one. Horses may be available for advanced lessons, if not fully leased out. Top level dressage horses available for lease to the right candidate. Interested candidates may apply for a trial. If interested, please contact us.

Royal Farms Equine Center has been in existence since 2004 and prides itself on professional horse knowledge where ignorance has no room when it comes to those who "think they know everything". If it is something all horse lovers should know, itís that "the more you know, the more you realize you donít know". Horses' care can never be assumed as things can change daily and it is recognizing these needs and being pro-active that maintains a perfect environment where vets are called for routine appointments, not emergencies.

For more information about Royal Farms or general horse care or advice on starting a horse business, please contact myself, Sheila Wilson through the website. If there is anything that can be provided that helps create safer environments for animals, I will do my best to help. As a professional, it is my nature to practice horse business as though it is a professional business and after entering the boarding world for two years I realized that the only safe and happy place for my horses is my place.

Sincerely Sheila Wilson

Sheila also offers pharmacy consulting services.

If interested please email to book an appointment.